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Discover the Prog/Punk Dichotomy
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We are Asbestos
a Progressive/Punk/Linear rock band from Baltimore, MD

Not sure what a Progressive/Punk/Linear rock band sounds like? Check out our new video to find out!
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NeuFutur Magazine rates Life Incorporated 9/10!

Read the full review here.

Life Incorporated

  After 6 years of hard work, our album, Life Incorporated was released on Saturday, June 22nd.  Life Incorporated includes recordings from 32 musicians from across Maryland, the US, and THE WORLD.

  Life Incorporated is now available at local record stores including Sound Garden and Record and TapeTraders or online at the iTunes Store or CDBaby.  And as always, you can buy CDs at our shows too!

Our First Music Video!
We are VERY excited to announce that our music video for Jesus Was No Commando is complete.  More will be coming soon!

Julia Celtnieks from The Retriever Weekly says:
  "ricocheting off all musical guardrails, weaving in between genre lanes...playing with style rather than confining itself to one specific box...That kind of creativity and willingness to experiment can be admired and respected."
October 4th, 2011

Mike Korn from ReviewYou.com describes our music as:
  "Punk/Prog dichotomy"
  "The interplay between guitar, drum and bass is organic throughout...the guys throw everything they've got at you"
October 25th, 2011

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March 4th with Red Sammy, Malcolm Tent, and Theron Melchior       8PM
   Club K                                                                       Baltimore, MD

March 29th with Tesseract, Wings Denied, Terrace, and Willowfoot    6PM
   Empire                                                                      Springfield, VA

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